Attica Park owner found guilty of breaking the law

Dolphinaria-Free Europe (DFE) has supported the ongoing campaign operated by colleagues in Greece in the case against the continued operation of the dolphinarium at Attica Zoo which was built without the required documentation and authorisation being in place. Although the use of any animal in performances has been banned in Greece since 2012, the park has continued to display the dolphins, flouting the law for many years.

On Friday 27 October, the case against the owner of Attica was heard in court and after hearing all evidence presented, the judge concluded that the owner of Attica Park was guilty of breaking the law and has been sentenced to 8 months in prison, although the sentence is currently suspended. It is expected however that the owner’s legal team will appeal this decision, but we welcome this very positive news for those who have fought long and hard for justice to be served, and that a conviction has been given.

DFE will continue their support for the campaign to close Attica Park dolphinarium and stop laws being flouted in the country.