What we do

Dolphinaria-Free Europe (DFE) is a coalition whose members include eminent marine mammal scientists, animal welfare experts, conservationists, NGOs, individual members and advisors from around the globe. Together we hope to end the keeping of cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) in captivity, in Europe.

Whilst working towards this goal we also seek greater protection for those cetaceans still held captive, through investigation, advocacy and education.  Members of the coalition share the position that wild animals should not be exploited for human entertainment.

Dolphin Pool at Planete Sauvage, Port-Saint-Père near Nantes, France
courtesy One Voice

Dolphinaria-Free Europe:

  • Operates as Europe’s united voice for captive cetaceans
  • Represents leading expertise in cetacean biology and welfare
  • Provides high quality information on the state of captive cetacean welfare in Europe
  • Seeks European legislation that effectively prevents suffering and protects both wild and captive cetaceans from the captive display industry
  • Seeks to ensure all EU Member States have access to knowledge and training to influence and achieve effective enforcement of relevant animal protection law
  • Strives for a change away from keeping cetaceans in captivity in favour of their protection in the wild
  • Works to achieve the highest possible standards of captive cetacean welfare while cetaceans remain in captivity