Frequently Asked Questions

Dolphinaria-Free Europe believes in using scientific evidence to provide you with fact-based answers to your questions.

How many countries/facilities hold cetaceans captive in Europe?
What species of cetaceans are kept in captivity in Europe?
Is Dolphin Assisted Therapy OK?
What countries in the world do not hold cetaceans captive?

We also recommend that you check out the EU ZOO INQUIRY report which provides extensive information based on surveys of dolphinaria in Europe.

The questions posed on the following site, which although generally orca/killer whale based, has answers that relate to all species of cetaceans kept in captivity.

For example: Drug use in captive cetaceans or the issues of tooth damage in captive orca (which is prevalent in dolphins and belugas in captivity too)

SeaWorld Fact Check

This site provides fact-based scientific information about killer whales, both wild and captive, and acts as an accurate resource for news organizations, legal teams, educators, students and the general public.

SeaWorld Fact Check is an independent website developed to fact-check the truthfulness of the captivity industry’s claims. Their goal is to separate verifiable facts from corporate opinions or public relations spin, including a focused examination of the “AskSeaWorld” campaign.