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Just a few of the articles where our members or DFE itself is in the media

Media’s Interpretation Of Captive Dolphin ‘Happiness’ Study Is ‘Misguided’ And A ‘Misrepresentation’ (Underwater Times)

Sign Petition to Free Morgan the Captive Orca Who Has Been Smashing Her Head Against Her Tank

Think twice before seeing dolphin shows says leading marine life expert (Express)

Marineland Orca Dies Four Months After Mother, Following Life Of Captivity (Huffington Post)

Young Orca Dies in Captivity a few Months After His Mom Suffered a Similar Fate

A Dolphinarium Free Europe is in Sight – Here’s How You Can Help!

Dolphin ‘reality show’ filming suspended in Portugal (BBC News)

NGO coalition stops “Dolphins with the Stars”

Youngsters Take Orca Campaign to European Parliament  (Bolton News)

Call Goes Out for Dolphinaria-Free Europe (The Ecologist)

10 Children Share an Emotional Anti-Captivity Message at European Parliament (VIDEO)

This Amazing European Coalition is Fighting for a Captive Dolphin-Free Europe