Cetaceans in EU Facilities

We are aware of four species of cetaceans held captive in the European Union (alphabetical by scientific name, photographic examples given below);
(NOTE: The beluga is only held at one facility,  Orca are held at two, whilst Harbour porpoise are held in at least three.  Bottlenose dolphins are held at the most facilities and also have the highest number of individuals).  In 2011 (the last official census data) there were over 300 cetaceans held in captivity.

Delphinapterus leucas (beluga, white whale)
Orcinus orca (orca, killer whale)
Phocaena phocaena (harbour porpoise)
Tursiops truncatus (bottlenose dolphin)


Delphinapterus leucas (beluga, white whale). NOTE: Demarcation & apparent blisters on skin, presumably from poor water quality.
Orcinus orca (orca, killer whale). NOTE: Damage to mandible (lower jaw) and teeth, from captivity.
Phocaena phocaena (harbour porpoise). NOTE: Handling of porpoise just for display to public.
Tursiops truncatus (bottlenose dolphin). NOTE: peeling paint.