Update on beluga transfers into Spain from Canada

Image courtesy I Visser

Further to our previous report on the potential import of 2 belugas from Marineland in Ontario to L’Oceanogràfic in Valencia, Spain,  Dolphinaria-Free Europe has continued to address this issue with the relevant authorities.

Just months after the Canadian Government passed legislation prohibiting the breeding of whales and dolphins and their export for entertainment purposes, authorities in Canada have already approved the transfer, and Dolphinaria-Free Europe has today called on the Spanish CITES authorities and the Spanish Minister of the Environment to deny the import of belugas into the country.

Under EU legislation, the CITES Scientific Authority in Spain must be satisfied that the intended accommodation for the belugas be adequately equipped to conserve and care for the animals properly. Dolphinaria-Free Europe believes this is not the case at L’Oceanogràfic and will continue to address this vital issue with a view to ensuring this importation is not authorised.

A press statement to the media outlining our concern over this matter has also been circulated.