Timeline on Morgan’s pregnancy raises many questions

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Since SeaWorld announced the end of their orca breeding programme, it was assumed that the orcas at Loro Parque, who were at that time included in SeaWorld’s collection, would be subject to the same conditions.

Since the announcement of Morgan’s pregnancy, the question of just when she became pregnant and whether both Loro Parque and SeaWorld had been aware of this when Morgan was still under SeaWorld’s ownership, have continued to be raised.

Free Morgan Foundation, members of Dolphinaria-Free Europe, have been advocates for Morgan since her initial capture, now report that her pregnancy didn’t happen in a vacuum. It wasn’t an “accident” as Javier Almunia (the head of Loro Parque Foundation and in charge of the orca) has claimed. Furthermore, the male orca who impregnated Morgan, belonged at the time to SeaWorld, who had a company-wide ban on orca breeding.

Further details and the timeline of relevant dates can be found here on the Free Morgan website