Swiss tour operator to stop dolphin promotions

Bottlenose Dolphins_Silvia Frey, OceanCare
Image courtesy Silvia Frey, Ocean Care

There is more good news on the tour operator front.  OceanCare, members of Dolphinaria-Free Europe, indicated that they have intensified their collaboration with Hotelplan Suisse in order to focus the commitment of the biggest Swiss tour operator to responsible dolphin tourism.

An education and awareness programme was put in place advising customers against visiting dolphinariums or swimming with dolphins. As a result of these actions, OceanCare is delighted to report that these offers are no longer actively advertised by Hotelplan Suisse.

Further information from OceanCare can be viewed in German
at this  link

A basic (google) translation in English is also available here
Hotelplan Suisse_Oceancare statement