Parques Reunidos fined for keeping dolphins in unsuitable conditions

Parques Reunidos has been fined 800 Euros for keeping dolphins in ‘human wave pool’ for months – the depth was less than two metres and had no shade for the animals.

In 2017, we reported that eight dolphins had been transferred from Selwo Marina, Malaga to other Spanish facilities owned by the company whilst work was carried out to their tank – two were transferred to Madrid Zoo, and six were transported to Aquopolis, Tarragona. As there was insufficient space for the animals in the existing dolphin tank at Aquopolis, the decision was made to house the six dolphins in the human wave pool.

The fact that Parques Reunidos allowed the dolphins to be housed in such sub-standard conditions for four months, reflects badly on what the company considers to be acceptable welfare standards for the temporary housing of dolphins.

(information courtesy: Marine Connection)