No dolphins for Tropicarium, Budapest

DFE previously reported on plans by the owner of the above aquarium to add dolphins for public display at the facility.

According to Hungarian law, the keeping of cetaceans for public display is not allowed in the country, therefore we wrote to the Minister of Agriculture requesting clarification and asking that, if the owner of Tropicarium had applied to keep dolphins, his application be denied.  We also launched our campaign asking for public support on the issue.

It has taken some time to gain a response from the Ministry however we are delighted to report that they have confirmed the law will be upheld and Tropicarium will not be allowed to display dolphins.  DFE Chair, Margaux Dodds commented, “I am delighted with this news following our appeal to the Ministry over this issue, and that the ban on the importation, transport and keeping of dolphins in captivity in Hungary still stands, ensuring the country remains free of captive cetaceans.”

Thank you to all who supported this important campaign.