Dolphin dies at Italian marine park

On Thursday 28 May, the male bottlenose dolphin known as Teide was found floating in his tank at Genoa Aquarium. Teide was born on 28 September 1997 at Aqualand, Costa Adeje, Tenerife before being moved in June 1999 to Gardaland and then finally to Genoa Aquarium in March 2012.

The cause of death is as yet unknown, however veterinary staff from Genoa Aquarium will conduct an examination in collaboration with the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta and the pathologists of the University of Padua to investigate/determine why this dolphin died, having apparently had no underlying medical conditions or visible injuries.

Dolphinaria-Free Europe call for an end to captivity in Kazakhstan

There are currently two facilities operating in Kazakhstan holding bottlenose dolphins for public display and shows; Dolphinarium Nemo in Almaty and Happylon amusement centre in Nur-Sultan, Astana.

Dolphinaria-Free Europe is supporting the work of campaigners in the country to raise public awareness via schools and social networks on the issues surrounding cetaceans in captivity, and are also asking the government to bring into place laws to prevent the opening of new facilities and address the welfare and conditions of dolphins in existing ones.

The Dolphinaria-Free Europe coalition has written a letter stating our concerns, to the Minister of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources, whose department oversees such issues in Kazakhstan.  It has been reported that two dolphins from the facility in Nur-Sultan have been returned to Russia in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, and we are asking that the Minister take this opportunity to close the vacant facility, prevent the return of the two dolphins, and ban any future facilities being established in Kazakhstan.


Add your support to the campaign by sending a polite email to the Minister requesting that:

  • The vacant facility in Nur-Sultan, Astana be permanently closed and the dolphins not allowed to be returned from Russia.
  • Consideration is given to closing the Nemo dolphin facility in Armaty.
  • Legislation is established to prohibit any imports of dolphins or whales into the country or new facilities being built in the future.

H.E. Mr Mirzagaliyev Magzum Maratovich
Minister of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources

Please also help further by sharing this alert with family, friends and co-workers asking them to also contact the Minister.

As always, thank you very much for your help!

The Region of Attica revokes the license of Attica Zoological Park’s dolphinarium

image courtesy George Vernardos

On Friday 13 March, the Competent Authority of the Region of Attica (Prefecture of Attica) revoked the operating licence of the marine mammal facility for dolphins at Attica Zoological Park. This decision by the Region was the result of a longtime effort by organizations, scientists, activists and numerous citizens which took a new turn from May 2019. The effort has been led by Dolphinaria-free Europe (DFE) and the Pelagos Cetacean Research Institute.

For years, DFE has been calling for an end to the illegal dolphin shows in Greece. Two years ago (3/11/2017) the Ministry of Environment had already confirmed the violation of Law 4039/12 (which prohibits all kinds of animal performances for all animals, including shows in zoological parks).

In July 2019, after pressure from DFE, the Veterinary Authority of the Region of Attica conducted an inspection during which it was confirmed that the “educational programs”, the term used by Attica Zoo, were in fact ‘animal performances’ and the Zoo was advised to terminate them, but to no effect.

In February 2020, after many meetings of DFE representatives (as well as others from Sea Shepherd, Greece and My Dolphin Club) with the Directorate of Rural Economy and Veterinary Policy of the Region of Attica, the party ‘Ecological Coalition’ in the Region’s Council also raised the issue during one of the meetings of the Council and called for the implementation of the law. Following this, DFE and Pelagos pushed the Regional Governor again, calling for an immediate end to the illegal shows. On 13th March 2020, the Region of Attica issued its decision to suspend the operations of the marine mammal section of Attica Zoological Park and revoke the license for the dolphinarium. The zoo’s licence should have already been revoked in November 2017, when the violation of Law 4039/12 was confirmed by the inspection body of the Ministry of Environment, as compliance to the law is a condition for the operation of the zoo.

It should be noted that in the courts a trial date was requested to discuss the dolphin shows, however, measures against the spread of coronavirus in Greece currently includes a suspension of the operations of courts.

The efforts to terminate the shows were initiated in late spring 2010, right after the illegal importation of dolphins from Lithuania to Greece and the start of the marine mammal shows for the purpose of entertaining visitors at Attica Zoo. The revocation of the licence of the dolphinarium and the suspension of the shows at Attica Zoological Park constitutes a vindication for all those who have for years demanded an end to the shows and an end to cetacean captivity. We hope that this time the law will be enforced and that the illegal shows will cease once and for all.

Moreover, we are proceeding with DFE’s longstanding call for a legislative measure to prohibit cetacean captivity in Greece, a proposal which has been submitted to all government administrations since 2010. We will continue to work towards the enforcement of the law banning animal shows and the end of cetacean captivity.

DFE Statement on Expedia’s updated animal policy

image courtesy Marine Connection

Travel group Expedia recently released their new, updated animal policy and it was with disappointment that we noted they have stated they will only promote zoos and aquariums which are members of AMMPA, WAZA and/or of WAZA’s recognised regional and national association members.

This new policy falls short of reflecting current opinion on the keeping of cetaceans in captivity and allows Expedia Group to continue profiting from cetaceans in captivity for entertainment through ticket sales and promotions. In view of this, Dolphinaria-Free Europe has issued a statement, urging Expedia to look again at their policy with a view to revising and supporting the phasing out of shows featuring whales and dolphins.

Read the DFE Statement here