New campaign highlights concerns for orca Moana at Marineland, Antibes

Image: courtesy One Voice

Member organisation One Voice has launched a campaign to highlight the deteriorating conditions in which the orcas at Marineland, Antibes are living in, and to also voice their concern over the current condition of 10-year-old Moana.

Moana, and the other orcas at the facility – Inouk (his uncle), Wikie (his mother) and Keijo (his brother), show stress-related, repetitive behaviours and now Moana has sub-dermal wounds which are very concerning. One Voice has filed a cruelty complaint against Marineland; for the deterioration in water quality and conditions in which the orcas are housed, requesting an independent investigation be carried out and for a precautionary foreclosure which would bring about an end to orca shows at the facility and prohibit Moana and the others from being transported to any other facility.

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Recent video footage of Moana