Marineland, Antibes orca transfer confirmed – help by signing the petition

Reports from our member One Voice state that, on 23 December, a dolphin calf was born in Marineland, Antibes and lived for only 2 days.

They also have confirmed that the 3 orcas held at the facility, Inouk, Wikie and Keijo, are expected to be transferred to Japan in early January 2024. We have supported One Voice in their campaign to halt the transfer of these orca. The organisation were due to meet with experts chosen by the court to offer evidence regarding the conditions, however, the Ministry of Ecology prevented this meeting, allowing alternative experts to review the situation and present their findings instead. We will continue to support all efforts to stop the transfer from occurring, however, with the French authorities supporting this, their future is all but decided. It is a very sad situation for these orcas and not the result we had hoped for from this long-fought campaign.

You can help by signing the petition calling on French President Macron to intervene to stop the transfer of Marineland’s three orca to Japan, and instead to try to find suitable sanctuary facilities that can take the animals.