Death At SeaWorld set to become a drama series

Tilikum the orca, SeaWorld
image courtesy Heather Murphy

Since the book was first published in 2012, David Kirby’s groundbreaking investigative thriller Death at SeaWorld has become a must-read for those interested in the debate surrounding the keeping of killer whales in captivity and specifically, the dedicated fight against the giants of the cetacean public display industry, SeaWorld.

Now due to be made into 10 part tv series by Fremantle this will be a fictionalised adaptation of the true story behind the book. Production is scheduled to begin in late 2021 and promises, like Blackfish, to be a very thought-provoking piece, further exposing the dangers to both animal and human, when confining large, ocean-going predators such as killer whales to tanks for entertainment.

Read the Freemantle release here