Are Barcelona’s dolphins destined for Attica Park?

Attica Park_crop
Four dolphins performing at Attica Park

Dolphinaria-Free Europe has given its support to a recent press release relating to the potential importation of more dolphins to Attica Park, Greece.

We have been advised that there are plans to import 3 dolphins into Attica from Barcelona Dolphinarium following the decision by Barcelona City Hall in 2016 to close their facility to the public.  Despite concerns over animal welfare and having been fined €44,350 for violating animal protection laws and operating without a license for four years after it expired in 2013, this private zoo continues to operate.

Having previously agreed to the importation of 4 dolphins from Finland and 2 from France, DFE is calling for the Ministry of Environment to enforce the law and reject the request to import the dolphins from Barcelona.  To consider such an authorisation into a facility which continues to violate laws relating to the prohibition of animal performances in Greece is unthinkable and poses a threat to the future for Barcelona’s dolphins.